refreshing and cute!

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while this whole scenario is highly unlikely, it was still a cute and humorous read with a dash of mystery.

loretta gets a late night call from her grandson asking for money to get him out of jail, she doesn't hesitate to help him out. the next morning, she gets a call from her bank that she's been scammed and her accounts are down to zero.

that's when she decides to head to romania and track down the scammers.

i loved loretta! she's in her 70s and has had a hip replacement but she doesn't let that stand in her way. she's a gritty character and let's nothing stand in her way.

i absolutely adored the "conversations" she has with her late husband.

this is a light read, and there's not much mystery here but it's still fun nonetheless. it's perfect when you need a light read or are in a slump and need something to make you chuckle.

a sweet read that anyone can love.