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Very enjoyable

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This book was a new theme for me. I love stories about a mother and child relationships. This was a bit more. It had a lot of interesting but relevant science like fertility issues, genetic diseases and disorders, genetic manipulation of human embryos. It was really interesting to see what could be a reality at any day, and maybe it is, I just have not looked into it.

The thriller part was pretty predictable. It was so obvious what Jillian has planned and done, but nonetheless it was a fun journey to get to the end and see how everything will unfold. I liked her as the evil genius. It was so refreshing to see a woman be so ambitious and manipulative. But also, just like a woman she was scarily patient.

The mental health theme that was touched, bothered me a bit. Because it was a woman, and she has had previous history of mental health issues, automatically she was written off as suffering from the same thing again. I just couldn't believe how fast she was taken into a mental health facility, even if it was voluntarily.

I liked how this story had multiple POVs, as I was able not just see the story from different angles, but it also helped the story flow. Three different women, and three different personalities helped it keep it interesting.

I really enjoyed this book for entertainment value. It has some interesting scientific topics that I want to go look up, and see how much reality is infused into the story.