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Mother Knows Best looks at the emotional side of huge ethical questions involving embryotic changes.
Claire has a rare mitochondrial disease that manifests in different way. She herself can live a normal like but her son Colton died at age 8. Devastated, Claire and her husband want to have another child, but Claire can't stand the idea that they may be like her first child. Claire gets her husband to agree to IVF, but what he doesn't know is that Claire has deeper plan. They will be seeing a doctor who ha interest in embryonic DNC changes which is strictly against the law. But Claire is willing to try anything especially when she hears he can take away the mitochondrial issue.
Mother Knows Best is thrilling putting family drama front and center while blending in cutting edge science. The book never leans too heavily on the science and the author describes everything in a way that the average reader can understand. The family story is always front and that drives the plot, not the science.
The writing is top notch. Though I figured out all eth twists but one, they were written in a way that it wasn't a cop out and was a perfect fit for the story. I was engaged in the characters and what would become of the family they had created. Even though I don't know where I stand ethically on the idea, I was emotionally on Claire's side.
I never once wanted Claire's family to fail. Kira Peikoff weaves characters to care about; with the exception of just one character, you agree with the choices they make even if they aren't the choices you would make them your self.
Mother Knows Best is thrilling and though provoking. What would you do for a healthy child?