Maternal Instincts

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What would a mother do to protect her child? When Claire loses her son due to a condition she passed on to him, her deepest desire is to have another child, but to ensure that it is healthy, she has to cross ethical and legal lines. The lengths to which Claire must go in order to have and protect her child are one source of suspense in this book. The other is a psychotic, vengeful doctor who was an important part in making the birth possible.

This book grabbed my attention immediately, and the tension was sustained throughout the novel. There were several twists. One I suspected before it was revealed, the others I did not, but they didn't come from the blue either. I could see how the author set up for them.

Sometimes an ending lets me down, or leaves me hanging, but that was not the case here. I was quite satisfied at the end and with this story overall. I do wish there had been less cursing. I found that distracting at times.

Thank you to BookishFirst for the early read!