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This definitely wasn't my favorite mystery/thriller but it wasn't bad by any means. This book is super fast-paced and a real page turner. There was a point I didn't want to stop reading it. However, I was disappointed that I had guessed all of the twists and reveals from the very beginning of the story. It's one thing to leave crumbs for your readers but another thing to be way too predictable. I do read my fair share of thrillers though, so someone who is more of a "newbie" to the genre will probably really like this book.

I think this book would have benefited from being a little bit longer so there was more showing rather than telling. For example, I was super hooked when one of the characters (no spoilers!) went into hiding but was told in a paragraph or two how they survived versus actually being able to worry and figure things out with them.

One aspect of this book that I really liked was the super unique genetics plotline. The question and discussion of ethics when it comes to scientific experimentation with genetics was really interesting and definitely sets this book apart. Overall, this book wasn't my favorite but it was unique and I think a lot of people really enjoy it.