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Family Ties

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I would rate this book a 3.5 and am very thankful to Bookish First and the publishers for allowing me to review this ARC.

1) The writing was good. It was a fast, quick-paced read that kept my interest. I would read this author's work again.
2) I enjoyed the structure (i.e. short chapters, the book's division into parts, and clearly labeled chapters indicating point of view shifts).
3) I enjoyed the scientific ethical discussion that kept the novel from being too much "fluff".

1) I did know fairly early (25% in to the story) about 90% of what would happen as twists later in the story. I did not get every single detail correct--but I guessed pretty accurately.
2) As with 90% of thrillers, be prepared to suspend some disbelief (e.g. there are a few things a doctor allowed to happen for which he should have known, as a doctor, were not a good idea.)