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When I first looked at this book, I thought of the movie “Tangled”, with this song called “mother knows best.” And of course the beautiful hair as the cover is hard to ignore.

I went into this book humming this silly song from the movie.

My hums were quickly silenced by my sharp increase of heart rate and panic.

As a mom, I get the panic this book is presenting. I don’t know who this person is who hurt her, I thought it was a man, but it sounds like a woman. It’s hauntingly creepy.

Then we move on to her daughter’s point of view, and that made my panic deepen. Her poor daughter, so curious. So innocent.

I’m scared for her.
Incredible first chapter. It made me feel so deeply for these brand new characters so quickly.

Who is J?
What has she done to this family?
Is she Colton’s mom?!
There is a lot of potential foreshadowing to this J being Abby’s actual mother.

I am so eager to read the rest of this book.