What Next?

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I am thankful to BookishFirst for the win. I appreciate it.

In my first impression I was torn. This reminded me of a JAG (Florida Straits) and a CSI: Miami (Wet Foot, Dry Foot). As the author had served in the Coast Guard I wanted this book. I didn't know if I wanted to use my points though. As it turned out, I won it.

The cover didn't grab me at all. I've seen a lot better independently published covers. Some have been so stellar I think they outshined the book. And, this book's cover? Disappointing, particularly from a bigger publisher. A lot more effort should've gone into the design.

The story - it's a bit contentious depending on what side of the "illegal" immigration subject you're on. There are some that this might trigger either way. And, get ready to be triggered either way.

Right off it is clear, and something we know - leaving Cuba can be hazardous to your life. Yet, Galán is determined to get his sister out, even if it is illegal.

Pat on the other hand is there to stop illegal immigration from Cuba. How do these two end up as friends? Yet they do.

Galán has a mission - get his sister out; Pat has his job to do.

While I appreciate the author's service, this was a hard book to get into. I definitely had some issues with it. It seemed flat and almost on the edge of rehashing a sordid arrangement.

Since I haven't published anything, it is hard to say whether this was written well. To me, it isn't something I would've bought or put on a wish list.

The end was shocking and I was left asking "what next"? It definitely fell flat for me and left me a bit perplexed.