The Immigrant Experience

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We see the groups of immigrants on the evening news. The caravans of people trekking through Mexico, daring to board La Bestia or on dangerous boats out at sea. We think to ourselves, what are these people thinking? Daring to risk their lives, sometimes with very small children, for a small chance of making it to the United States. For what? Why would they risk coming to a country that won't welcome them with open arms? What could be so wrong in their own homes to make the dangerous journey so necessary? This book is the story of one such family and their harrowing journey through the Mona Passage to get to America. 

I love that the author gives us both sides of the immigrant experience. Those making the journey and those protecting the borders. It's easy to take a side when you only understand one part of the story. Here, the author perfectly explains both which makes the story of Pat and Galan even more compelling. With our country so divided over the immigrating issue, this book couldn't come at a better time. Highly recommend it.