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I didn’t feel as invested in this story as much as I usually do with books! This one kind of dragged on and I just didn’t really feel committed too fully wanting to read it it was a genre I usually don’t read so that could be why my review is the way it is!!!! !Off the coast of Puerto Rico, Lt. Pat McAllister’s Coast Guard cutter patrols the Caribbean Sea for drug traffickers and migrants. His best friend on shore, Galán Betances, is an entrepreneur who escaped Cuba by raft as a child, leaving his mother and his special-needs sister behind.

Pat and Galán bond during evenings spent atop their Calle Luna rooftop, as they share beers and trade stories from their distinct worlds. In time, Galán becomes like an older brother to Pat, whose actual beloved brother, Danny, is suffering back home from the emotional scars incurred as a soldier in Iraq.