It was just ok

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This book was the most…ok book I’ve ever read. Phew. It was very exilharating at first and took my by surprise. The writing was capitulating, but it started going downhill at the halfway mark. The plot was lacking, characters became a lot more bland. Don’t get me wrong- the story is very important and the message is clear, but the execution could’ve been a lot lot lot lot better.

It gives me sad character main character vibes, if that makes sense. It’s really sad but I just didn’t feel that emotional punch other authors, like Diana Gabaldon and Stephen king and kiersten white can give me. I wish it was longer too. The cover is also absolutely atrocious and ugly and I can’t believe they approved that. Also, I don’t really think the title of the book plays that big of a role to the story which is kind of ironic since that’s what I want when I read a book