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I really enjoyed this book, until I didn't. I lost interest about 2/3 of the way through. The book is about important issues including immigration, Puerto Rico, and PTSD in the military. I am interested in all of these complex issues. The settings, particularly Puerto Rico, came alive. The characters, for the most part, didn't develop very well. I came to care bout Galan and somewhat about Pat. Maybe it's that I hate to see characters I like make bad choices. (And Pat made more than one. The young man getting drunk and making a choice he shouldn't is tiresome.) The women were ancillary to the story, even Gabi. I liked the cover art. I feel it captures the nighttime water activities of both immigrants, so close yet so far, and the Coast Guard, whose job is difficult, requiring compassion and law enforcement. I finished the book. I'm not sorry I read it. I just wish it had been better written.