Couldn't finish

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I am about a hundred pages into this book and unfortunately I won't be finishing it. It was good in the beginning when Galan and his father escape Cuba and his mother decides not to leave (keeping his mentally challenged sister with her). We then met Pat who is in the Coast Guard who watches for drug smugglers in the area and is neighbor to Galan.

After that there is so much backstory going on with the characters I have no idea where this is going to go. Story line seems like Galan is going to try and get his sister out of Cuba but he's learning be might have to do it illegally. This part of the story is taking too long to develop I have lost interest in this book and the characters.

I'm one who usually likes to try to tough it out and read to the end but there are just so many other books out there I have to pass on this one. I appreciate the ARC and wish the author luck.