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Okay, this is not my usual read. It's a book about migrants. It's about friendship between men. It's about family. It has a mixed ending.
Galan Betances is a Cuban emigrant and a naturalized citizen. He came over from Cuba with his father when he was a boy. His mother and younger sister were supposed to go with then, but at the raft they decided to stay in Cuba. Galan has kept in touch, so he is told when his mother dies. He goes to Cuba for her funeral. There he decides his sister cannot stay with what family is left behind. But she is mentally handicapped and he is not rich or powerful. Integration lawyers tell him it is highly unlikely she could get an entry visa. He decides smugglers is the only way he'd get her to Puerto Rico, where he lives.
Pat McAllister is a Coast Guard officer. He is a neighbor of Galan. The two bond over their past traumas. When Galan mentions his plans to bring his sister to Puerto Rico, Pat is torn. He wants to help Galan, but part of his job is to stop migrants and return them to where they came from.
What Pat decides to do is an ever changing landscape. It makes for a compelling story and I did enjoy reading it. It may make you reexamine your stance on migrants.