Almost There

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I wish that I could say right this moment that I was able to knock this one out in a heartbeat - that it was a one (or maybe two) night read like so many of my all time favorites. However, I have found this one to be a much slower page turner - which brings me to say that: I am almost there. I expect to finish this one up in the next day or so - which thus means that I am giving this one an initial and optimistic three stars.

Bardenwerper's Mona Passage started out as a three star read before dipping down into two star realm (hence the slow page turning over the last few weeks)... but it is starting to circle back up to three stars with a hope from me that it will stay there. So, let's just say fingers crossed!

Bardenwerper creates a unique world - and a unique story with these characters. You feel the ebb and flow of the relationships (and the story) just as you feel the ebb and flow of the waters. A metaphor for life come to realization via this story.