A Moving Family Story

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Wow! I didn’t think I’d classify this as a family story but that is what Pat & Gàlan become. To see this take place over what I’m thinking is a year is such a deep connection you form between these two men. You first hear Gàlan’s backstory & your heart breaks that this is something real that happens all the time. Then when you come along & meet Pat & learn about him it gives you insight into these two men. I love the family bond they form & that you can actually feel this bond through the words in the book is incredible. Gàlan’s sister is a main character in this story but not until later in the book. She is portrayed in a way that you know she has a mental disability but not a specific name or classification is given. She is a kind soul & you feel for her & wanting her life with family to be complete. My only minor complaint is that you don’t know what fully happens to any of them in the end. Pat’s story leaves you with him in the back of a car & Gàlan & his sister on the roof patio waiting for him, I want a different type of closure that this didn’t have for me but nonetheless I think this is a book everyone should read! Moving & emotional are two words that fit it perfectly.