A look at both sides of migrants.

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I really appreciated that this book gives you a look at both sides of migrants coming to the US. You get a Pat's view as an Officer of the Coast Guard, and you get Galan's view as a Cuban resident and now citizen. Galan and Pat form a friendship, more like a brotherhood. They refer to each other as brothers and have a great relationship. Pat has a brother who weighs heavy on his mind, and so he and Galan relate since he has his sister still in Cuba. They both know each other's stories, and it turns a little murky when Galan is wanting to have his sister Gabriela come live with him. She is still in Cuba and has a mental disability. He wants her to come over safely and doesn't have enough time or money for her to go through all the "proper" channels. I enjoyed the story enough but felt there could be a little more character development. We did get some flash backs that helped build a little.