Intriguing and terrifying

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Inspired by the Slender man case, the idea of this book intrigued me and terrified me at the same time. I finally gave into the temptation and I’m so glad I did. The moment I picked this book up I could not put it down. An incredibly fast paced book that had me flipping pages with all the lights on.

Carter Wilson talks about what draws him to the thriller genre in the authors notes. I would say he hit the nail in the head with this book. This book is so different from the domestic and psychological thrillers I’ve been reading. He has mastered the ability to create a paranoid reader. I couldn’t stop reading but I had to do it with all the lights on.

This isn’t a page turner in the way that you are trying to figure out a who done it. It’s more of how will Alice survive and persevere. Can she do it? Who will get hurt in the process?

I had heard of the slender man case and it completely creeped me out. I felt horrible for both sets of parents and I enjoyed how the author brought that into the story. We saw how the crime effected everyone.

I could feel the intensity of Alice’s panic attacks. I found myself wondering how I could live through something like that. I think that’s one of the things that drew me in. We can all picture ourselves being the victim.

This is under option for a tv series. I’m not sure I could handle watching it but I sure enjoyed reading it.

Read the authors notes for an interesting fact about the development of the story.

There are a few parts that may be difficult for those that can’t handle a little gore. It’s confined to just a few parts so I would say most could get past it.

Read this one! You won’t regret it.