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Great Thriller

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I really enjoyed this book. I finished it in two sittings.
Alice is the daughter of a famous illustrator and creator of the wicked Mister Tender which comes with huge down sides. She was attacked at age 14 by two girls who thought they were doing Mister Tender's biding. More than ten years later she can't escape her past when some named Mr. Interested starts to meddle in her life.
The chapters are short and easy to read creating a great urgency as you travel through the novel. The novel is as twisty as the stories of the Mister Tender graphic novels making this not your typical psychological novel; I couldn't see most things coming.
I subtract a star from the ending. It's one of those that builds up and it finished with in two pages with very little resolution ta the end. Also, the majority of characters weren't given a lot of depth. I assume those outside her family were kept shady on purpose so we could stay guessing about who was Mr. Interested.
Overall, a great read and I recommend it to my friends who like thrillers!