A beautiful story!

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Missing Isaac is a beautiful story that shows it is possible for good people to transcend class and race. The story is set in the South in the early 1960s. After losing his father in a farming accident, Pete McLean is very dependent on Isaac, a farm worker who was a friend to his father and takes an interest in Pete. But when Isaac disappears, Pete shows his maturity and determination to find out what happened to Isaac even though the police put very little effort into finding a poor black man. While searching for Isaac Pete meets a girl in the poor part of town and they become very good friends. As they grow up, they struggle with the community’s idea of a rich boy dating beneath himself.

The story is set in the community of Glory and the author has done a wonderful job showing how it is possible for everyone to get along in spite of their wealth and race. Valerie Fraser Luesse writes a heart-warming story about the spirit of the community and the good people living there who are willing to improve it without needing to be credited for their actions. I look forward to reading more from this author.