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I am so glad I finally read Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe and I hope Webber continues to write books of this genre. It reminded me a little of both Chocolat by Joanne Harris and Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel. All three stories have great descriptions of food and hints of magical realism.

Anna Kate has come home to Wicklow, AL. It's a bit odd that it feels like home since she's never actually been there before. However, it's where her recently deceased grandmother, Zee, lived, and, according to Zee's will, Anna Kate needs to stay for two months and run the Blackbird Cafe. Anna Kate has lived the life of a wanderlust with her mother, a traveling nurse. Anna Kate is planning to leave and attend med school in a couple of months, so she's not sure why her grandmother's will insisted she stay in Wicklow for two months. Her time in Wicklow is surprising as she learns more about her family, the blackbirds that live in her backyard, and how important they are to her new community. It's believed if you eat pie from the Blackbird cafe that you will get a message from a deceased loved one.

I loved this book. I enjoyed the writing, the story, and the gentleness with characters as they grieved and grew both personally and in their relationships with others.