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Sweet, Magical book

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Magic pies, dysfunctional family ties, small town charm, grief, healing, sweet romance.

The story is told in multiple view points, over arched by a narrator who is writing a story on the mysterious blackbirds that are in Wicklow.

Anna Kate has come to Wicklow as the unknown granddaughter of Zee, the recently deceased owner of The Blackbird Cafe, to take over the cafe. Natalie has recently returned to Wicklow to try to get back on her feet after husband passed away, leaving her bankrupt. The two are connected, they just don't know it.

Zee's pies were magical, causing dreams of deceased loved ones to come to those who eat the pie. To some this brings solace, others view it as an hindrance to the grieving process and healing.

Through out the book we see how the Anna Kate, Natalie, and other community members heal and the magical forces that surrond them.