Midnight at The Blackbird Cafe

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A great and cute book about letting go of the past and moving forward to better future. I have read many wonderful reviews and truth be told I concur with many readers and reviewers about this feel good book.
The book is about how small community members rely, unite and support each other during difficult and happier times. Community support—all for one, one for all—conquer and handle the daily misunderstandings by visiting the Blackbird Cafe. The characters’ interactions and dialogues are interesting and full of life. The entire story shows forgiveness whilst the history being retold through words of mouths. The start of the story had a slow simmer yet the ending felt very rushed; however, the overall story is very satisfying. There is a slight sci-fi’ish and contemporary fiction to the story. The cover is beautiful.
I give this book a 4⭐️