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Well written book, I enjoyed it.

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I honestly was not expecting a lot from this book, as it looked to just be a price guide for magic cards. I can usually find updated pricing online, so a book seemed outdated. However, the book did surprise me, as there was a lot more than just prices. Every magic set to date was included in the book, including supplemental products. Each set had a small paragraph of information, describing the set, and talking about what was special or unique about it. It also usually had a large print picture of the best or most expensive cards from the set.

I honestly wish it had a lot more of that. I think in future editions of the book, they should cut out the prices of all the common rarity cards, because no one really cares about those, and put in more information about each set. I really enjoyed that part the most, and that was the shortest part of the book. I would have liked to see more information on each set, and see more special cards highlighted.

Other than that, though, the book was still great, and I would recommend it to any fan of magic.