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A delicious, tart treat. A whodunit narrated by a clever, lonely PI, set mainly at a contemporary magic high school, with elements of tragedy and romance, plus a bonus Chosen One plot. I. Eat. That. Shit. Up. I love some good genre-bending, and this book blends and twists in a way that is fun and a little bit meta. But it doesn't waste time bloviating about it.
I will say that coming to Magic For Liars while fresh off of Kristen Arnett's Mostly Dead Things was a bit of a one-two punch that I was not prepared for, having myself lost a parent this past year. The book goes some dark places, but the real-world setting is all the more well-developed for it and the pacing is consistently compelling. There is still plenty of humor and good old mystery.
I recommend to people wanting something magical, real, and a little weird.