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Magically fantastic

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Holy cow, so I cover judge a lot and this one had a MAJOR weirdish one were I almost didn’t go for it because I wasn’t in love with the cover. Luckily we get to read a bit of a preview and that is what sold me to read this one not the cover but the inside goodies. It was magical and a bit of a mystery surrounding it. A few times I’d get thrown off while I read it and I’d back track to kinda maybe figure out if I had a hint or suspect. I was rather pleased that this had a vibe of that of The Magicians, I loved the comic and the show for it and this right here was almost in the same vein for character attitudes so I melded into this rather nicely.
The writing was brilliant and flowed welll. I didn’t have any dull moments or lack of interest. I’ll bee keeping an eye for more from this author.