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Excellent Setting and Solid Ending

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Setting a murder mystery in a magic high school is a cool move, especially when that high school is like Osthorne: exactly like every other high school. Even magical high school kids will play pranks, pass notes, swear, form cliques, and occasionally have a murder in the library. The school serves as the backdrop for a murder investigation when one of the staff is found dead in the library. Ivy Gamble, completely non-magical PI, is drafted in to solve the murder. Ivy also happens to be the sister of one of the professors at Osthorne.

The novel really succeeds in its setting and resolution. The school is a fascinating setting and the limits of magic help to make a more believable coexistence of magic and non-magic worlds. The conclusion is also very well done, and includes a nicely done twist. The pacing of the plot felt slow to me early on but eventually settled in nicely. There are a number of pretty obvious clues/leads that none of the characters pick up on until a few chapters later which can be frustrating. Ultimately those issues did not really detract from my enjoyment of this novel which was a very fun read.