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a look at choices, truth, and sisters

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Magic for Liars is about the choices we make every day without knowing it. When we keep thinking they aren’t choices but they are – the ones that seem infinitesimal ones all the way to the big ones. It’s a story about sisters and the relationships of petty lies – the little pranks that scar us – and a relationship with vast chasms and silence you can’t cross, regrets breathed out in hushed moments. Written in the perspective of looking backwards, Magic for Liars is almost ominous and looming, about how a moment, a series of choices changes our lives.

But, predictably, what really drew me to Magic for Liars was the sisters. The chasm of grief opened between them regarding the potential the responsibility of magic to save their dying mother. The relationship is full of resentment of her sister’s life going on as if nothing happened while Ivy was absolutely gutted, hollowed our and barely surviving, dealing with parental death alone.

In many ways, their relationship is played out all over again in the relationship between Dylan and Alexandria (two teens at the magical school). The story revolves around siblings – how are they different and the same. The way magic changes Alexandria, our sense of worth – Dylan’s prophecy, and what would they do for each other.