Great YA space science fiction

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Shane and Ava work together to steal whatever they need including aircraft and supplies until Shane is caught and imprisoned. After escaping, Shane discovers a secret military plot that would ruin his home world. Determined to put a stop to it, Shane and Ava take on their biggest job yet, but soon run into Cyrus, fresh from the academy and on his first assignment. Cyrus doesn’t know who to believe – his General or the outlaws?

MADE OF STARS was a great Bonnie and Clyde inspired YA space science fiction. I really enjoyed how the pacing alternated between action and character focus to keep the plot moving while giving both excitement and insight into the characters and their motivations. The author created compelling characters to explore good versus evil and right versus wrong. I liked the writing overall, however, there were times where I forgot that this was YA-aged characters and I was thinking they were adults but then mention of their ages brought me back to their reality. There was romantic tension, though I didn’t feel like there was an overwhelming feeling of teenage angst that many YA books have. The plot held my attention and had me eagerly turning pages. I easily could have read this in one sitting if I wasn’t interrupted by things I needed to get done. This book ends on a cliffhanger, leaving me wanting to know what happens next.

I really enjoyed MADE OF STARS and would recommend to fans of YA space science fiction. I hope there is a sequel. I look forward to reading future works by this author.

Thank you to Viking for the giveaway copy.