exciting space heist!!

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This book has anything I could ever want: a fun setting, sci-fi, high-stakes plot, heists found family and so so much more. While there are many things that I could highlight, in my opinion, the characters are the best aspect. The rag-tag group is written exceptionally well!! They are very complex, mesh well, and seeing their interactions with one another was by far the best part of the book. I also found the heist scenes to be the most interesting and best to read! It's definitely a book that can pull you in and knows how to keep the reader engaged.

Although I love the heist/action/fight scenes, I would have loved for there to be more and a consistently paced plot. There were also quite a few time skips which can be a bit confusing at times, as well as scenes where the action was just skipped over.

Despite all of that it's a great book! My personal ranking would be closer to a 3-3.5, however, it deserves a 4 for sure, considering I'm not its target audience.

Thanks to bookish first for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review!