Bonnie and Clyde... But make it Sci Fi

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Space Bonnie and Clyde!

The premise had me hooked before I even cracked open this book, and the story inside did not disappoint. Made of Stars follows two outlaws (Ava and Shane), their shifting crew, and an officer of the law (Cyrus) who is meant to hunt them down-but the more Cyrus discovers, the more he questions which side is truly just and where his loyalties lie.

Although Made of Stars is set in an inter-planetary world, the mood is reminiscent of an old- western (I may have had "Raise a Little Hell" stuck in my head throughout my time reading). Each character's motivations are complex and come through both flawed and righteous, and at times I truly did not know what would be the "just" outcome, for what defines success for one character spells ruin for another.

This story will captivate you to the very last page, and leave you with characters you won't soon forget.