A fun time

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Had a lot of fun reading this! It has an explosive beginning and an explosive ending. It starts with our main character Jade discovering the room of Lainey, her ex-best friend, empty and covered in blood, and then goes back in time to tell the story up to that point. Oh and it takes place on a cruise ship, so whoever could have done something to Lainey is still on board...

This is the first book I've read by Diana Urban, and I liked it quite a lot. Jade is an interesting, somewhat unlikable character, but unlikable in a way that I personally enjoyed. The tone with which she and the other teenage characters were written was perfect. The writing in general was good; not too descriptive, and funny at times. I liked Felix as well. Like with all mystery stories, you might get an inkling of what's going on, or how the story might wrap up, so I did kind of guess how things would go down in the end... but not all of the details. I specifically love how it concludes, and what it did regarding Jade and Lainey's relationship..

A definite page-turner.