You think you know how it ends, but you don't

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Ok, so, I know the story of the Titanic. I know how it ends. I know there weren't enough lifeboats, that 3rd Class was basically trapped/locked away to save the lifeboats for the wealthy. That A LOT of shady stuff went down on who got saved. And I'm of the generation that grew up knowing Jack could fit on that damn door with Rose.

And yet.... Stacey Lee got me all wrapped up in LUCK OF THE TITANIC that even though I know how it all ends, I sat there full of hope this would be a story with a happy ending. Then that epilogue hits and my heart shatters.

Valora is willful and feisty and I adored her as a character. I do wish Jamie had been fleshed out a little more, but not knowing where his head was at also added to the strife between the twins that was a major driving force of the narrative.

I love that Lee gave the side characters their own stories and let them shine at times. It was covered in the author's note, but I also appreciated that Lee focused on lesser known people who were actually on the Titanic rather than only adding in the big names everyone is familiar with. There were a lot of real people on that boat, if only all of their stories could be told.

This is a slow paced story throughout most of it, but I was engrossed and the ending hit me hard.