Uplifting Story With A Lot Of Life Lessons

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This is a sweet, inspiring story. I loved the narrator Valora Luck. I loved her street smarts, wittiness, athletic abilities, and tenacity. This book is one where you know what is going to happen. The Titanic sinks! What should be a sad book because of the historical parr of this tragic event added more drama and suspense because it is historical fiction.

The scenery was written so well. I could feel the ship busting through the ocean, the sharp rolls and the lulling of the waves. I loved how it focused on the the third class quarters and the difference between luxury and necessities.

Racism was prevalent and had a huge impact on Valora's life. I wasn’t that knowledgeable of the Chinese Exclusion Act. It prevented a lot of people from entering the United States to follow her dreams of performing or just get jobs. Chinese people onboard were treated badly by the crew and other passengers. It was really sad.

The strength of family ties in this novel we’re great. Also, the unexpected friendships that quickly formed were fun. I enjoyed the message of not forcing your ideas/dreams/hopes on others.

This is a great action packed read that teaches a lot of lessons!