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"'Ice mountain,' Bo says quietly, translating the Cantonese word for iceberg."

This was one of those historical fiction novels that really nailed it. I truly enjoyed the story and would read it again, and again if given the chance. Virtue & Valor, a duo that I will not be forgetting soon. This story will stick with me for a very long time. The writing was lovely, and the story even better.

"April 14 - Weather: High of 50. Clear with moderate breeze to the northwest. Evening temperature to drop below freezing. Possible ice."

A story you already know from the eyes of those forgotten. Triumphant and heartbreaking, this story will have you jumping for joy and seeping in sorrow while plucking away at your heartstrings

"Plenty more souls will rise afore the night is done."

[Thank you to BookishFirst along with the author and publisher for free copy]