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Luck of the Titanic is one of those rare books that draws the reader in immediately. It is the story of British-Chinese twins Jamie and Valora Luck, circus/acrobatic performers and lunar opposites. We have all heard the story of what happened to the Titanic, but it's rare to find a story that centers on the lives of the passengers on the ship. Lee's book reads so smoothly, and it was easy to get invested in the lives of Valora and Jamie, as well as other passengers on the ship. When Valora finds out that Mr. Albert Ankeny Stewart, part owner of Ringling Brothers Circus, is aboard the ship, she conspires to meet with the rich man and figure out how she and Jamie can stay in the United States legally. The Chinese Exclusion Act said that Chinese people were not welcome in the U.S., so how will Valora and Jamie survive and thrive? I loved this book!