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While I have sworn off reading more books about the Titanic, both fiction and non-fiction, I was intrigued enough by the description to give this one a try. This is a great story for young adults, as it has everything you could want. An adventurous main character, Valora Luck, used to be a street performing acrobat with her brother Jamie to help their parents make ends meet. When their mother, (an Englishwoman), and their father, (a man of Chinese heritage) pass on, they are left to make it on their own in a world that judges them based on their appearance. Jaime finds work on steam ships and Valora works as a maid for a wealthy, elderly English woman who has purchased their passage on the Titanic, the same ship her brother will be traveling on. When her mistress dies, Valora will risk everything to get on that ship and find her brother. Her dreams of going to America and becoming a famous acrobatic team will not be ignored, but will Jaime feel the same?