Stacey Lee never misses

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I have been a huge fan of absolutely anything and everything Stacey Lee writes. I love her Asian American representation, so I was really excited to pick this one up, especially because I think we all had a hyper fixation with the Titanic when we were younger. (Am I wrong?)

I enjoyed this as much as her other books. I loved her main character and the little cast of characters around her. Of course, love the girl dressing up as a man trope, then posing as a prestigious high lady, all while trying to avoid the stigma her race poses her in the time and age --- it was all really well done.

I was also on the edge of my seat all throughout the climax, and Lee will put you for a spin. Just when you think you know what's going to happen, she'll turn you completely around, and that's something else I really adore about her writing.

"Luck of the Titanic" did not disappoint, and I look forward to Lee's next book.