Loved it!!

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I LOVED this book!! As I stated in my first impression, I am of the generation of teen and pre-teen girls that went to see Titanic in theaters many times. However, I was always fascinated with the Titanic before the movie and begged my parents to take me a Titanic artifact exhibit that was a two hour drive from our home. I love the cover of this book as well, gorgeous! YA and historical fiction are probably two of my least favorite/least read genres so this being one of my favorites that I've read recently should speak volumes. This book put Titanic and Titanic lore under a new lens - telling the tale of an Asian brother and sister abroad the vessel. The writing is wonderful and was able to make me feel like I was right there with Val and Jaime, and language of the book is appealing to current readers of today and not overly 'historical' in my opinion. Will definitely be checking out other books by this author.