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"Luck of the Titanic" by Stacey Lee, is an amazing historical fiction novel! The main character, Valora Luck, is an acrobat with dreams of leaving England behind, and becoming a circus performer in New York with her twin brother, Jamie "Virtue" Luck. Due to numerous circumstances, she finds herself aboard the Titanic as a stowaway. Her brother is also on the Titanic, and has a job shoveling coal.
The book is a definite "page turner". I read the entire novel in a day. I felt compassion for the characters, as the Chinese were discriminated against during this time, and the U.S. laws at the time didn't help matters any. The plot was pretty believable, and I liked the fact that some of the characters, were actual individuals that sailed on the Titanic. Please take the time to read the Author's Notes at the end of the book. I felt that it definitely added to the story.
I'm looking forward to reading additional novels by Stacey Lee!