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What I enjoyed the most about this book was how the stories of the book came together. Although the story is mainly about Val and her twin brother Jamie, there are little stories that thread throughout the book that give the story its strength. Val had an agenda and she was determined that what she wanted was best for everyone involved. I had to laugh a few times while I read, when Jamie’s insight was better than hers. Was Val only seeing what she wanted to see? Was it possible for Val to admit that Jamie might know something about their own family?

Val was a great character but she also needed the individuals around her, to shape and mold her. From Mrs. Sloane, to the passengers, to the circus manager, all these individuals pushed and encouraged her which allowed her maturity, within the pages of this book to grow. She was a determined, passionate individual but her mannerism wasn’t the greatest when she approached the gangway to board the Titanic. With her attitude, was it possible for her, to persuade her brother to return to their previous occupation? America was supposed to be the land of opportunity and that is where she wanted to go but now, the Titanic was her playing field.

While I thought this book might be centered on the sinking and the life-saving that accompanied this vessel, I was surprised these events occurred at the end. I learned about the Chinese Exclusion Act and how that effected many individuals, which was new to me. I really enjoyed this book as it provided something different about this time in history. 4 stars

"Life is a balancing act. You could be killed walking down the street, but you don't let that fear stop you. You just practice until the fear is no longer part of the equation."

"An afterlife without one's loved ones doesn't seem like a place I'd want to go. Maybe that's why Jamie likes to study the stars. Whatever the answer is, surely it's written up there."