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My first impression of the book was the cover and description,
I knew that I had to read it. I am so glad that I did. this book had absolutely the most stunning story line and plot I have read in a while. I recommend this book is you are a reader of historical fiction. Stacey Lee delivers a setting that makes the gilded halls and freezing waters come alive. At the same time, Luck of the Titanic has fantastic characters nursing struggling flames of ambitions. The ways you want to root for Valora while being juxtaposed with that dread in your stomach.This book is about a woman named Vapors, who goes in search of her twin brother that became a stowaway on the Titanic. They end up joining the Ringling Brothers Circus in order to escape the Chinese Exclusion act.

This book was an absolute delight in the way the artist has written it. For me, it was a page turner and kept me interested throughout the whole plot. If you are hesitant about reading this book, please read!