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I went and bought this from Barnes and noble and I’m grateful I got the chance to buy it! Even though I knew what was going to happen at the end of this book, the beginning was so fun and entertaining at times I forgot. And then, of course, I remembered. And got super sad. Even though you know starting this that there is no way all of your faves will survive, you find yourself hoping anyway.

And omg the way the sinking was handled made me so mad. Of course, I was supposed to be mad, but when they were launching half full lifeboats full of haughty, rich people and not allowing Valora and two children on I wanted to launch my book across the room (but I didn’t because I just had to keep reading).

Valora is one of my new favorite main characters. She’s got guts, that’s for sure. She so fiercely loves her family, both biological and found, and will do absolutely anything for them. And does. She is so funny and relatable, but also is absolutely fearless. Even when she’s not balancing on the railing on a moving ship (!), she is so brave in challenging anyone around her who makes assumptions.