Historical Fantasy not for the History Books

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Very three stars. It was pretty slow. It's all about this acrobat that wants to go to America, and she has to be hired by a circus to go. We all know the boat sinks. The whole story leads up to it, but in my opinion it doesn't lead up to it well. You feel that there needs to be some big crescendo to the moment, but the story doesn't deliver.

It was enjoyable, and I loved the historical aspect to it. Learning how life was like for Asians back in that time period was the best part of the book.

The main character worked so hard to achieve her dream. She made 'literal' leaps and bounds to make it come true, and in the end it all fell flat. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. The ship sank, our main character died, the ending was abrupt and didn't satisfy my need for closure. So much was left unsettled. I get that the book had to end because the narrator was no more, but I wanted something to balance out the tragedy. The Epilouge didn't give much.

It was well written and the cover is beautiful, but I won't read it again.