Gorgeous and Heartbreaking!

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This is a gorgeous cover first of all! I just needed to say that and get that out of the way.

The rest of the book was really well done too. I sped through this to find out what happens with Valora and if she can fulfill her dream of getting into the US, despite the Chinese Exclusion Act, after she finds her twin brother who is working as a coal shoveler on the maiden voyage of the Titanic. Now I am sure most people know about the ill fated Titanic but I had my hopes up that there might be a happy ending for this book. It does have a little blurb at the beginning where it says, of the 8 Chinese on board, six survived.

I enjoyed reading about Valora's interactions with the various passengers on the Titanic (some of them actual real people) and it was fun to read about her plans to raise money (via acrobatic tricks) and how to get into the US. There is a little bit of romance, fancy dresswear courtesy of the House of July, and bonds of family like Jamie, but also two little boys that she kind of adopts. There is also racism due to the fact that Valora and her brother are part Chinese, true for the time and so a valid part of the story.

Yes, there is tragedy, especially at the end and it is so heartbreaking but still a good story. I think it is a worthwhile read.