Good Titanic Tale

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I read this book for my online book group's book bingo event and I have to say, I thought it was good. Valora is a Chinese immigrant trying to use her mistresses ticket on the Titanic after the lady died, but she was turned away because Chinese weren't allowed on the boat in first class. So instead of using a ticket, she uses her ingenuity and acrobatic abilities to climb a rope and live aboard as a stowaway. She finds her brother and his friends in third class, and hangs out with them, as well as a few ladies from first class after she finagles a room from a steward. She and her brother put on several acrobatic shows, and a circus leader promises them jobs in the Ringling Brothers Circus...but then disaster strikes in the form of an iceberg. Did the siblings, and their friends, make it into a lifeboat? Read and find out!

I really enjoyed Valora's time in steerage. I thought it was kind of a stretch that she would successfully wiggle her way into first class. But all in all, it was a very good story. Read if you like Titanic stories, especially written by BIPOC.