Good Plot but Immature Writing

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Luck of the Titanic’s target audience is 12-17 year olds. I would personally put the target audience in the 12-13 range. The overarching plot and character development was good and I was excited for the book. The problem came in the writing. I found the writing very immature. It also felt jumped with metaphors and similes that didn’t flow well and callbacks to the characters pasts at awkward times. I would have enjoyed this book much more six or seven years ago. The author left nothing to the imagination. Every character thought and action was immediately explained during, never letting the reader come to their own conclusions. Also, even small characters were telling Valora about the life lessons they’d learned even when it had nothing to do with what was happening in the conversation. To me, the book felt like it was pushing a message in such a straightforward and spoon-fed manner that it was difficult to take it seriously. Like I said, this book would be better for 12-13 year olds who need a more straightforward message. Anyone older than that probably won’t love Luck of the Titanic unless they don’t mind immature writing. As someone who lives mature and flower-y writing I struggled. Also, historical inaccuracies bothered me throughout the book. As an example, two of the characters perform CPR even though CPR was not known to the general public until the 1960s and 1970s. Inaccuracies like this littered the book.

It wasn’t a bad book. It simply wasn’t for me.