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Book Review……..Luck of the Titanic by Stacey Lee

With the tickets in her hand Valora is excited to board the Titanic. It has been two years since she has seen her twin brother & she is looking forward to reuniting with him. But when Val is turned away & not allowed to board Valora hides as a stowaway & disguises herself as a widowed lady. In constant danger of being discovered she should keep her head down but she needs to find her brother & convince him to join the famous American circus as a sibling acrobat. But that's not the only hurdle Val has to face in the year of 1912, America issued the Chinese Exclusion Act which would mean they wouldn’t be allowed to enter the country upon arriving. But Valora already has a plan to impress the circus master, become one of his acrobat performers, enter America & hopefully a fresh start for a better life.

But the staff are becoming suspicious & there's the disaster that we all know is coming, time is not on their side.

We had a wonderful time with this book! There are so many topics to touch on with this book it created quite a lively chat! The storyline had a lightness to it that there were many times you forget your on the titanic. The writing is wonderful! The descriptions were so well-done that I almost felt like was actually on the Titanic with them. The memories from the past were added in perfectly! Stacey Lee did a wonderful job bringing these people to life for us! The bond between Val & Jamie was great! You can absolutely tell they are twins! As a group Valora was a large part of our discussion. She is fierce, strong & of course her determination was a force all in itself! The ending was heartbreaking but it was also perfect! The author's note at the end detailing her inspiration for the story based on the 6 Titanic survivors who are of Chinese descent was absolutely amazing!

Thank you The Book Club CookBook, Penguin Teen & Stacey Lee for sharing this lovely story with us!