Beautiful and well developed story

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I loved this book - the way Valora and Jamie were developed, the dynamic between the two siblings, the small hint of romance (not too much, it’s not a crucial part to the story), the descriptions of the Titanic, the inclusion of real people who actually lived and traveled on and/or worked on the Titanic… and so much more. Historical details were woven into the story in such a beautiful way, and I really appreciate the author’s notes at the end. Overall, this was more than just a great story - it was educational and eye opening. I didn’t know there were so few Chinese passengers on the Titanic, or that they faced this discrimination, or that they were accused of dressing up as females in order to be let on the lifeboats. This book made me want to learn more and go research these topics (which I think everyone should). The ending was bittersweet.