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For a historical fiction, this book was pretty fast-paced. I loved how we jumped into the story and immediately see how Valora is treated just because she is Asian in a time that's not accepted. Even though she's higher class herself and served a high-class woman, she's shoved to the low decks and forced to sit with the other few Asians aboard. At least, she would be if she tolerated that kind of behavior. But she won't stand for it, and she takes her late lady's clothes and makes herself the new lady. So much for their rules.

I love how Valora was finally able to reunite with her brother. Their relationship is rocky, but I enjoyed seeing them grow close again while Valora navigates staying undetected in the upper-class quarters.

The ending really frustrated me, but not in a bad way. It was good because the characters had captured my heart, and the story ripped it to shreds and left me bawling.